Tuesday Links: Silver on the Brink of Crashing

Interesting reads for a Tuesday…

A nice mix of rain and sun boost Ivory Coast’s main cocoa crop (Reuters)

Silver is looking to crash (TheArmoTrader)

S&P 500 up 60% of the time in 2013 (Avondale Asset Management)

Heavy rains push U.S. cotton to three-month high (Bloomberg)

Reflect on the U.S. grain harvest with the last crop progress report of the year (Agriculture.com)

The NatGasPro on Stocktwits is a great source for fundamental information on natural gas (@NatGasPro)

The new economy: luxury brands thrive as down-market retailers struggle (Crossing Wall Street)


Sunday Links: 10 Reasons To Get Super Bullish Right Now And Buy Everything Like Kanye

Some light reading to start your week off right…

Cartoon: 12 years a Wal-Mart employee (Reformed Broker)

10 reasons to get super bullish right now and buy everything like Kanye (Stocktwits)

Banning trans-fat may reduce soybean demand(Journal Star)

The Chinese demand question keeps cotton bulls sidelined (WSJ)

Paulson won’t add to gold position, tells clients (Bloomberg)

Will the Iran nuclear deal impact oil prices? The market will soon tell (Business Insider)