Tuesday Links: Silver on the Brink of Crashing

Interesting reads for a Tuesday…

A nice mix of rain and sun boost Ivory Coast’s main cocoa crop (Reuters)

Silver is looking to crash (TheArmoTrader)

S&P 500 up 60% of the time in 2013 (Avondale Asset Management)

Heavy rains push U.S. cotton to three-month high (Bloomberg)

Reflect on the U.S. grain harvest with the last crop progress report of the year (Agriculture.com)

The NatGasPro on Stocktwits is a great source for fundamental information on natural gas (@NatGasPro)

The new economy: luxury brands thrive as down-market retailers struggle (Crossing Wall Street)


Friday Links: A Brief, Modern History of Gold Exploration and Trading

Stuff I’m reading today…have a great weekend everyone!

Oil futures: more guess than good judgment (Market Pulse)

A brief, modern history of gold exploration and trading (Vanity Fair)

Copper breaks down (Peter Brandt)

Traders are concerned about demand for cotton as the white fluffy stuff enters bear market territory (Reuters)

Are fund managers turning their attention to commodities again? (Market Anthropology)

Would you turn down a $3 billion offer for your company that makes absolutely no revenue? (Forbes)