Welcome to the Rip City Trader Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Rip City Trader blog! This blog is primarily about the futures markets, though it also touches on broader market and economic themes with a mix of politics, culture, media and sports. I’ll share commentary on the markets as events unfold and point you to news sources, people and content I find interesting. I hope it challenges while inspiring you to take a fresh perspective on the markets and the broader world.

To help illustrate my perspectives, I’ll include stats, charts, research and links with a bit of snark and sarcasm. But keep in mind this blog is forecast free. Don’t expect financial advice or trade recommendations. Instead, simply sit back, read, share a comment and enjoy!

Who is the Rip City Trader?

My name is Keith Metz-Porozni and I am a Portland, Ore.-based hobbyist futures trader looking to share my perspective on trading futures. By day I am a communications pro looking for a new opportunity to provide effective public relations and communications support for a growing business in Portland. But by night, I’m all about the markets.

The name “Rip City” is in reference to a nickname for the city of Portland, first coined by the legendary Portland Trail Blazers’ play-by-play radio announcer Bill Shonely.

Want to connect with me? Follow me on Twitter @kmetzpor or fill out the contact form.

Happy Trading!


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